Why The “First” Is Always the Hardest

I flipped on the TV at the beginning of the second quarter during the NFC Championship Game on Sunday. Atlanta was trouncing San Francisco 17 – 0.

Even worse for San Francisco was that, in the entire first quarter, they managed -2 (yes, that’s negative 2) yards of total offense and no first downs.

But then, in their first possession of the second quarter, they ran two plays and got their first first down. Two more plays, they got another first down.

With that little bit o’ momentum, their offense soon scored 2 touchdowns to close the gap to 17-14.

They ended up winning the game earning a trip to the Super Bowl.

Is this a post about football?

Nope…it’s about the difficulty of firsts.

Often when you start a new business online, the first dollar is often the most difficult one you’ll ever make.

When you start a new AdWords campaign, the first click is the often toughest one to get.

And many times in a new campaign that first conversion (whether it be download, phone call, or a sale) is the most challenging conversion you’ll ever have.

But once you crack the code and get that first dollar, click, conversion, etc. under your belt, things get much easier.

The SF offense needed a little time on Sunday to figure out the right formula to beat the Atlanta defense. Once they did, they were well on their way to the Super Bowl.

Similarly, you need some time to figure out the right formula to make that first dollar online. But once you do, that next $100 (or next 100 clicks/conversions) comes much quicker and much easier for you.

A lot of people get discouraged online trying to get their first. A lot of people give up before they get there even though success may be just around the corner.

Don’t be like a lot of people. Stick it out. Figure out the right formula to get that first and things will get much easier. I promise.