What $35 Gets You on Fiverr (Part 1)

There’s a lot of talk about outsourcing these days. And for good reason. You can have people from all over the world do things for your business at dirt cheap rates.

My favorite outsourcing site is Fiverr. This site is built around the concept of hiring people to do things for $5. And you’d be amazed at what people will do for $5.

Among the popular offerings on the site are graphic design, SEO, writing, voiceovers, help with WordPress sites, and even fun, off-beat projects like this one that I got last week (the ending is the best part!)…

I’ve watched it at least a dozen times and still crack up every time!

Sure, there were some rough edits and there’s some inaccurate information (though I was named to a list of 20 “Smokin’ Hot Pieces of Brain Candy”, it was not a list of the top 20 Internet marketers). However, all I did was send him a very rough idea of what I wanted him to talk about and he ad libbed most of the video and did a great job of it!

Now I’m probably not going to put this on the consulting services page of my website, but I’ve posted it on YouTube and embedded it in this post. And for the $5 I paid, whatever posting it in those two places does for me is totally worth it!

Over the next few posts (click to read Part 2 and Part 3), I’m going to share the lessons I’ve learned on using Fiverr.com…what it’s good for, what you want to avoid and also share some of the other gigs I recently ordered (some more serious and others, like the “preacher” video above, more on the fun side!).

Until then, if you want a “preacher” singing the praises of you or your company for $5, check out my new buddy banjoman15 on Fiverr.

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