Video Optimization Services

Video Marketing and Optimization Services

Video can help you market your small business online in a few ways.

First, video is now commonly included in the search engine results and it’s often easier to get a high ranking for video than it is for traditional text-based web pages.

Second, since most people don’t like to read, video is a highly effective way to deliver your marketing messages to your target audience.

The trick with video online is making sure your prospects can easily find your videos online. That’s where our video optimization services come in.

We help our clients with their overall video marketing strategy including:

  • Getting your videos ranking high on the search engines
  • How to leverage your videos for maximum results
  • Where (ie. which sites) to post your videos online (and how to post them the right way)
  • Content ideas and strategies for your videos
  • Equipment/software recommendations if you want to create and edit videos yourself
  • Referrals to quality video professionals (production companies, editors, etc.) if you need someone to do that for you