The Tool That’s Saved Me 38 Hours and 20 Minutes… and Counting

Ever wish for a little extra time each day so you can cross more off your To Do List?

Unfortunately, time’s always been one of those things you can’t buy more of… at least, until now.

A few months ago, a member of my Mastermind Group highly recommended a tool that I now use almost daily. It’s simple to use, does exactly what it says it does and does it really well.

And it’s one of the best time management tools around. Since I started using it a few months ago it’s saved me 38 hours 20 minutes and 43 seconds (it has a built in counter that tracks this for me!).

The tool is called MySpeed by Enounce. It’s a tool that lets you speed up videos you watch online to save time.

Videos are everywhere you go on the Internet. And MySpeed integrates with your web browser so you can increase the playback speed of any of those videos (or streaming audio) up to 5 times. And it doesn’t distort the video’s audio quality. Voices sound fast, but normal (not at all like chipmunks 😉

I watch a lot of videos online… mostly training courses, but also informational videos, promotional videos, recorded webinars, etc. I find I can speed them up anywhere from 1.5 – 2 times and still understand all the content in the video. Sometimes I even go faster than 2 times if it’s material I’m familiar with or fluff I want to skip.

(You can also slow down videos too which can be helpful if you want to take notes.)

With MySpeed I’ve effectively doubled the amount of information I can consume from video (which is a good thing because in the fast changing world of online marketing, there’s a lot of quality video content to get through!).

But I don’t just use it for business purposes. Know those commercials that pop up before you watch news/entertainment videos on the web? Just crank MySpeed up to full speed and you’re done with those videos in a few seconds so you quickly get to the content you wanna watch!

There are also news/entertainment videos that seem intriguing, but I don’t want to waste a lot of time watching them. Again, I can play them back quickly to get the gist of them, skip the fluff and focus on the good parts (if there are any!).

Now, it’s not a perfect tool. Some sites don’t have the bandwidth to stream videos quickly.  If you speed these up in MySpeed, you end up with the videos stopping and buffering, playing a few seconds, then stopping and buffering again. (Unfortunately, this happens for most TED videos which I’d love to be able to get through more of, more quickly!)

That’s annoying but, overall, MySpeed is fantastic. If you watch a lot of online videos, it’s an incredible productivity tool.

It only cost me a one-time $49 for the Premier version which has easily paid for itself many times over. I haven’t found anywhere else you can buy extra time so cheaply.

You can get a free 7-Day trial of MySpeed here.