The Irony Of How I Got This KSDK-TV Interview On Facebook Advertising

Last week I got an unexpected email from local news anchor/reporter, Art Holliday from KSDK (St. Louis’ NBC affiliate).

He wanted to interview a local internet marketing expert for a story he was doing on Facebook Advertising. (While I much prefer to be behind cameras than of in front of them, I got over myself and agreed!)

So I went downtown to the KSDK newsroom but before Art started asking me questions, I asked him one… “How did you find me?”

His answer: “a Google Search”.

That answer perfectly highlights the challenge Facebook faces in trying to attract more advertisers and build up their advertising revenue to satisfy the Wall Street crowd.

Because when someone has a specific need they have to fill, if they have a problem they need solved, an itch they need scratched…they go to Google.

People are on Facebook to have fun, to be entertained, and to connect around things they’re passionate about. Advertisers that offer those things can do quite well with Facebook advertising. (Think restaurants, bars, musicians, fun / interesting events, or organizations that bring people together around a common good/passion.)

But people don’t go to Facebook to solve their problems, they go to Facebook to escape their problems.

And, when it comes down to it, most businesses are in the business of solving problems.

That’s the challenge of paid advertising on Facebook and is a big nut Facebook’s gonna to have to crack to explode advertising revenues and make shareholders happy.

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Oh, and here’s the link to the video on KSDK of my interview or you can watch it here…

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suz - May 9, 2013

brilliant!! all around smart… thanks!

and i will most definitely sign up now for your newsletter.

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