The Important Thing You’re Fogetting to Sell On Your Website

I got a simple idea for you today that could easily double your conversion rates.

And it starts with what you’re selling (or not selling) on your website.

See, the copy on most websites is all about selling the company and its products/services.

Nothing wrong with that.

But often the call to action…the first step a prospect MUST take to get into your sales funnel is almost an afterthought. All it gets is a little form on the side of the page that says “Sign Up For Our Newsletter”… or some text at the top that says “Call for a Free Consultation”… or the link to your Contact page that has a form and nothing else.

So here’s the simple action you can take that could double the number of people taking that first step…

SELL that first step.

Here’s an example…

It’s pretty much expected that an attorney will offer a free consultation. So, the question becomes, if all your competitors are offering the same thing, WHY should a prospect sign up for your free consultation?

Yes, part of it is a good Unique Selling Proposition, establishing your credibility, and generally crafting a good sales message.

But even if you get that part right, many people are still gonna be reluctant to fill out your form and contact you to take advantage of that free consultation you offer.

Soooo…sell the consultation!

Describe how, if they contact you during business hours, they can expect a fast and friendly response from your personal secretary within 1 business hour to schedule the consultation.

Explain whether the consultation will take place in person or over the phone so they know exactly what they’re getting.

Most importantly, let them know what VALUE they can expect to get out of the consultation. A lot of people are gonna think that the free consultation is just a thinly designed sales pitch (and, in many cases, they’re probably justified in thinking this).

But if you let prospects know the specific issues you’ll address with them during the consultation, what information you’ll be able to provide them and how this will help them get closer to solving their problem, you’ll have a lot more people contacting you to take you up on the consult.

And this concept doesn’t just apply to free consultations. It applies to:

  • Newsletter sign ups
  • Getting a free estimate
  • Taking a Free Trial
  • Getting a Free Demo
  • Requesting a Quote
  • Or even just filling out the form on your Contact page.

In fact, I had a client recently who had a typical Contact page – just a form with no copy on it.

We added some copy above the form that mentioned their fast response time, friendly staff, the ability to talk to a live person if you called them (which is NOT the industry norm by the way), etc. Not much copy, but it SOLD filling out the contact form.

It’s been almost a month since those changes were made and they’ve already had TWICE as many people contacting them through filling out that form as did the previous month.

Yes, you want to sell whatever product or service you’re selling on your website. But, don’t forget to also sell the initial action(s) you want people to take so they get into your sales funnel.

Do that and maybe you’ll double your conversion rates too!

Josh Turner - May 2, 2013

Great stuff Adam. I just beefed up our contact page a bit to highlight how great our “consulation” is. 🙂

One other thing that I think has worked well for us: Give people multiple ways to contact you. Some people, for some reason, just won’t fill out your contact form. Give them an email address too, and/or a phone number.

    Adam Kreitman - May 6, 2013

    I completely agree, Josh. Offering a Contact form, phone number, email address, Chat box, etc. makes a lot of sense.

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