Search Engine Optimization

A New SEO Formula For Local Service Businesses That Guarantees Results

SEO is broken.


Well, you and all your competitors are all gunning for the same precious few spots at the top of the rankings (and only a handful of you can get those coveted spots).

Google’s algorithm is constantly changing and can wipe out years of hard fought gains… overnight.

And, worst of all, most firms that offer SEO services provide meaningless reporting that focuses on rankings and site visitors instead of what you really need to know… how many leads is SEO really getting your business?

It’s insane! No wonder most local business owners are fed up, skeptical and thoroughly frustrated when it comes to SEO.

An Alternative To Traditional SEO

We’ve been increasingly frustrated with SEO too. Frustrated with Google. Frustrated with trying to justify the results we produce to clients.

So we’ve come up with a better way of generating search engine leads for clients.

It’s a way that guarantees LEADS for our clients (note that’s not guaranteed rankings, that’s guaranteed LEADS – which is what you really want out of your SEO efforts).

It’s a way where we have skin in the game too so if results don’t pan out, we feel the pain as much (if not more) than our clients.

And it’s a way that generates trackable results so you know EXACTLY what you’re getting in return for your SEO investment.

How It Works

The specifics of what we do and how we do it varies depending on your type of business and where your business is located.

That said, essentially it works like this…

We start with a clean slate and set up a series of web properties that we own (these could be mini-sites, videos, press releases, Web2.0 properties, etc.).

All these properties have form and call tracking in place so that EVERY lead each property generates is tracked.

Setting things up this way allows us to get around a few big issues with the way SEO traditionally gets done these days (again for more details, you can get our free report “How the SEO Industry is Failing Its Clients)…

  1. We avoid any and all issues that could be associated with working on your existing website (it’s not designed for conversion, previous SEO efforts are still sabotaging rankings, lack of tracking, etc.).
  2. ALL leads from all the properties are tracked so reporting is based on what matters most – leads!
  3. We have MULTIPLE web properties which increases our chances of taking up a bigger percentage of the search results with multiple Page 1 rankings.
  4. And, because we have multiple properties ranking, we can be more aggressive with our ranking strategy because if one property falls in the search results, we’ve got others that are still producing leads.

And again, because the properties are ours, we assume a lot of the risk associated with SEO – it’s not all on your shoulders.

Perhaps most important, is the pricing structure we use.

It’s not based on rankings but on the actual LEADS our web properties generates. (We do this fairly and protect our clients against a drop off in lead flow which means an ROI for the client is a virtual guarantee!)

Plus, there’s no battling it out with your competitors for these leads… we only work with a single, exclusive partner in each niche we’re in.

After largely being out of the SEO business for a number of years, discovering this model has us back in the game because we feel this model is just a better, fairer way of doing SEO.

Will This Work For Your Business?

So if you’re fed up with SEO and are ready to try something different, a few things first before you contact us to find out more…

  1. We’re not looking to work with just any business on this. Because we assume a lot of risk here, we’re VERY careful about the niches we enter and companies we partner with.
  2. We want to work with businesses that have a strong front-end sales and support system in place so that prospects are getting phone calls & emails returned right away. That’s essential to getting the best ROI from our services… and we sincerely want our clients to get as strong an ROI as possible. (Trust me - everyone’s SO much happier that way!)
  3. We want to partner with businesses that have the ability (and DESIRE!) to grow their operations. Because when we find businesses that are a good fit, we can really scale things up!

So, with all that said, if you think this may be a good fit for your business, the first step in the process is to fill out a short questionnaire.

Once you do, we’ll get back to you within 2 business days to let you know whether partnering together makes sense. If so, we’ll schedule a call to discuss the details.

You can find the questionnaire here. It should take about 2 minutes to fill out and it’ll give us an indication of whether or not your business is a good fit for this model. So, if you’re interested, please head over to our questionnaire and fill it out now....