St Louis AdWords Expert Interviewed By Bestselling Author

A few months ago, I wrote about a book that literally changed my life forever.

It was the “Ultimate Guide To Google AdWords” by Perry Marshall and Bryan Todd, a bestselling book about Google AdWords that’s now in its 3rd Edition.

Recently, Bryan interviewed me about how the book changed my life and more.

In this 25 minute interview, you’ll learn:

  • How I initially discovered Google AdWords
  • Why I quickly realized AdWords is about much more than just driving traffic to a website
  • How even AdWords couldn’t save my previous business from the “Anti-Trifecta of Marketing”
  • My story about transitioning from running a small drug testing business to running AdWords campaigns for businesses
  • A few other key business and marketing lessons from both Bryan and me that apply to businesses whether they use AdWords or not
It’s a big honor for me to be interviewed by Bryan. Though I’ve never met him or Perry in person (though that will change next month), they’ve had a big impact on my career path…and not just because of the book. They put out a consistent stream of incredibly high-quality materials on AdWords, and marketing in general, that I’ve been able to use to help my clients grow their businesses as well as me grow mine.
There are very few people that I listen to in the world of online marketing these days but these guys have a well-earned spot at the top of that very short list.