Online Business Development

Attention Consultants, Coaches, Speakers and other experts . . .

Discover the Online Business Model that can Unlock the Hidden Value of Your Intellectual Property

  • Would you like to stop getting paid for the time you put in and start getting paid for the value you provide?
  • Would you like to cut down the number of days you're on the road each year and spend more time with friends and family?
  • Would you like to leverage the PowerPoint presentations, books, reports, speeches and/or other materials you've already developed to create a steady, recurring income stream?

When I first started Words That Click, I soon discovered a problem with my business model. At any given time, there are only so many AdWords campaigns I can manage, only so many headlines I can write, only so many hours in the day I can consult with clients. Unless I want to hire a big staff (which I'm not interested in doing) my income potential has a definite ceiling that will be hard to break through.

And that income ceiling is one that many other professionals in a variety of industries also face. Luckily for me, since I spend my days in the world of Internet Marketing, a solution to this challenge soon came to me.

The Internet (and the recent explosion of people using broadband Internet connections has only accelerated this) has opened up a huge new opportunity for consultants, coaches, authors, speakers, trainers and even backyard hobbyists to share their expertise with others - and pocket a nice profit for themselves at the same time.

Taking your expertise and teaching it to others can completely transform your business. And the best part is that you've done a lot of the work already! You can simply take the materials - PowerPoints, books, reports, speeches and more - that you've already created and repurpose them for online delivery.

This concept has revolutionized my business and can do the same for yours!

I'm partnering with various experts to take their expertise in whatever field they're in and combine it with my expertise in online marketing and business development. If you're interested in working together to create an online revenue stream that can also help you expand your reach, lead to more and/or higher paying offline engagements, and further enhance your expert credentials - email me today.