Internet Marketing Consulting

What is a Marketing Advocateā„¢?

My grandmother recently had to spend some time in the hospital after a fall. During her stay, my mom relied heavily on the hospital's "Patient Advocate".

This person's full time job was to help patients and their families navigate the confusing, overwhelming and stressful world of health care... so they get the best outcome possible.

That's where the idea of a "Marketing Advocate" was born.

As a Marketing Advocate, I serve as an independent 3rd party to help guide you through important marketing decisions for your business. Some of the things I'll help you with as your Marketing Advocate include:

Identifying the low hanging fruit to focus your marketing efforts on to get some quick wins
Developing an overall marketing plan/strategy and selecting the best tactics (whether online or offline) for your business
Evaluating current marketing efforts to see if your marketing investments (whether on agencies, ad buys, etc.) are worth it or not
Evaluating proposals from outside marketing agencies, consultants, etc. so you can better compare options, decide which options make the most sense for your business and avoid getting screwed by unethical vendors
Setting appropriate goals and metrics to evaluate the performance of your marketing efforts
Basically, as Your Marketing Advocate, I'll put my 10+ years of marketing expertise to work for you to give you clarity, focus and accountability when it comes to marketing and growing your business.

For questions about this service or to get started and collaborate with me as Your Marketing Advocate, please contact me at 314-329-1422 or [email protected] (and put "Marketing Advocate" as the subject line).