How To Legally Stalk Your Prospects Online

Some might call it stalking.

Others may call it the best thing since sliced bread.

Most just call it remarketing.

Remarketing is a powerful solution to one of the most common problems with any website…

…The majority of your site’s visitors will bolt without taking any action and they ain’t coming back.

Remarketing lets you reach those visitors. It basically puts a cookie on their computer so you can then show ads to them when they visit other websites that display Google ads.

People come to your website for a reason. They have at least some interest in what you offer.

But they get distracted, or they’re not ready to buy, or they want to do some more research.

But just because they leave, it doesn’t mean they’re not good prospects for you. In fact, these are warm leads that are great candidates for a follow up marketing campaign.

And remarketing lets you do that.

A few months ago, Google changed the way remarketing works for the better. You can get very strategic about how you target visitors to your site through remarketing.

I wrote an article about these changes for the Crazy Egg blog, which you can read by clicking on the title here, called “How Google Remarketing Just Got Even More Remarkable”.