Google AdWords For Local Service Businesses


We're a boutique agency and prioritize delivering high quality PPC services to our clients over trying to get as many clients as possible. And, currently, we have as many PPC clients as we can handle. So in order to maintain a high level of service to our current clients, we are not taking on new clients right now. That said, we would love to add you to our wait list so you'll be the first to know when we are taking on new clients again.

If you're interested please click the button below and we'll add you to our list. (Also, if you need PPC help sooner, rather than later, we're happy to provide a referral to another PPC agency we know and trust that is accepting new clients right now.

Unique, ROI-Focused Google AdWords Management Designed To Give Local Service Business Owners What They Want Most From AdWords… More Leads/Customers!

At the end of the day, it's not clicks and impressions you want from your AdWords campaign (heck, you don't really even want AdWords!), here's what you really want...

You want LEADS.

(AdWords just happens to be the best place for local business to quickly and reliably generate leads these days.)

Through 10+ years of Pay-Per-Click (PPC) and marketing experience, we’ve identified the real pain points of business owners such as yourself and as a result, developed our own, unique ROI-driven system to get our clients MORE leads.

Here’s how…

Internet Marketing Solutions Your campaign will be managed by an experienced AdWords expert (not a green account manager or some automated software) according to BEST practices. We continually update ad copy, bid prices, keyword, account segmentation and more to optimize the performance of our client’s campaigns.

Now that’s the MINIMUM you should expect from your PPC management company. We go further than that to ensure superior results for our local business clients by...

Cutting Edge Call Tracking

This is essential because most leads for a local service business come via phone calls. Our call tracking uses local phone number and, more importantly, let’s us track the EXACT keywords and ads that are generating results for your business.

Using this technology gives you a BIG competitive advantage because few, if any, of your competitors can get this information. It allows us to optimize your campaigns and focus your budget based on the ads and keywords that are making your phone ring. Without this, you’re essentially flying blind.

High Converting Landing Pages

Yes, your AdWords campaign is important, but it’s ultimately your landing pages on your site that determine how SUCCESSFUL your AdWords campaign is. So we set up the landing pages for our clients that are designed with one goal in mind - get visitors to your site to pick up the phone and CALL YOU.

Improving the conversion rates of your landing pages even a little can mean over $100K in additional revenue to a local service business (watch the video below to see an example of how this works). So the time we invest in your landing pages can make a SIGNIFICANT impact on your bottom line.

Straightforward, Clear and to the Point Reporting

We find most local business owners don’t really know whether AdWords is profitable for them or not. That’s because a lot of reporting focuses on keywords, clicks, Clickthrough rates and other metrics that don’t really tell you what you really need (and DESERVE!) to know… is AdWords generating leads for you (bringing people in the front door) and doing so profitably.

Because of the thorough tracking we do of both phone calls and Contact form requests, we can provide our clients with reporting that lets you know whether AdWords is profitable for you or not.

The 3 Obstacles That Prevent Most Local Businesses From Succeeding With Google AdWords

The video below provides a more in-depth explanation of how our unique approach to PPC can help you overcome the 3 big obstacles that keep most local businesses from succeeding with PPC. In the video, you’ll also get tools and insights on how you can improve your campaigns even if you don’t want us to manage it for you. Watch it by clicking on the video window below.

Interested in Getting More Customers?

If our unique, ROI-focused approach to using AdWords to grow your business sounds intriguing and you'd like to find out more, there are a few things you should know about us first...

We only manage AdWords PPC campaigns for local service business owners like attorneys, chiropractors, dentists and home service contractors.

We form EXCLUSIVE partnerships with our clients. With a service like this, we don't think it's right to perform the exact same service for businesses who are direct competitors. So if we're already working with someone who does the same thing as you in your area, unfortunately, we won't be able to work together.

We're selective about who we work with and are not looking to partner with just any local business. We only want to work with businesses that have a strong front-end sales and support system in place so that prospects get phone calls and emails returned right away. That's essential to getting the best ROI from our services... and we want our clients to get as strong an ROI as possible.

We ideally want to partner with businesses that have the ability (and desire!) to grow their operations. Because when we find businesses that are a good fit, we can really scale things up for them!

So, all that said, if you're interested in finding out more about our service and see whether your business and our services are a good fit to help you grow your company, please call us at 314-329-1422 or fill out the Contact form on our site.