Good Marketing Idea From This Cover Letter?

Cool story here from Business Insider.

It comes from an undergrad student who wants a summer internship on Wall Street. So he sends a cover letter and resume off to the firm he’s got his eye on.

The cover letter is unlike any that firm (or probably any other) has ever received. Here’s my favorite paragraph from it:

“I won’t waste your time inflating my credentials, throwing around exaggerated job title, or feeding you a line of crap about how my past experiences and skill set align perfectly for an investment banking internship. The truth is I have no unbelievably special skills or genius eccentricities, but I do have a near perfect GPA and will work hard for you. I’ve interned for Merril Lynch in the Wealth Management Division and taken an investment banking class at (name of college blocked) for whatever that is worth.”

Talk about being totally blunt and honest!

Can you imagine a company using a strategy like this in their marketing?

We talk a lot in marketing about standing out and differentiating yourself from the competition. And, admittedly, that can be a challenge (though one worth taking on).

What if the way you differentiate yourself is being brutally honest about how typical you really are?

Take an attorney as an example:

“I didn’t graduate from Harvard, haven’t published articles in prestigious law reviews and I’ll probably never have a case brought before the Supreme Court. But I have successfully helped clients with their (divorces, DUI issues, criminal law matters, etc.) over the past 15 years, and I’m honest and will work hard for you.”

So whadd’ya think? Would you hire an attorney that put that on their website?