Coaching Letter

This opportunity is only available to 10 clients at a time… 

Why Continue to Struggle Alone When I Can Take You By The HandOne on OneTo Answer Your Personal Questions And Accomplish Your Goals?

 Your Private Business Coach and Mentor Will Help You Every Step Along the Way…Never Feel Alone Again

Whether you do business with clients on a local level with clients anywhere in the world over the Internet, I can help you reach your marketing and business goals quicker and easier than any other method.

You will create better offers, generate more traffic, and make more sales through your website, by email, or in person.


Well, we start by tackling the most pressing questions you have…questions that are probably very similar to others I’ve worked including:

  • Why isn’t my website converting as well as I want it to? (Hint – there are only 5 possible reasons and I can take you through them methodically until we achieve your goals)
  • What’s the best way to optimize my landing page?
  • Can you help me optimize my PPC accounts?
  • How can I get more highly targeted traffic?
  • Can you help me fix my copy so it works?
  • How do I press my customers’ emotional hot buttons so that ordering becomes irresistible?
  • What alternative forms of traffic should I consider besides Google?
  • What back end products and services can I develop to increase my profits?
  • Where do I look first to maximize profits?
  • I’m so overwhelmed by all the tools and strategies available to market my business…where do I even start?

By getting to the bottom of these questions,

Here are Just a Few of the Things We Can Create Together…

  • Create a bold unique customer focus for your business that dominates your marketplace and gets people seeing you as the ONLY option…even if your prices are significantly higher than your competition.
  • A dramatic improvement in your lead generation and conversion rates by helping you produce better marketing pieces that convert more of the traffic you’re already getting to your website into paying customers (in many situations, it’s not a lack of traffic that’s the real problem, it’s a lack of conversions).
  • Leverage everything your business does for maximum profits in minimum time. You’ll become a master of multi-purposing anything you do into multiple incomes and uses.
  • Add effective time management principles and business strategies to reduce hours from your daily activities so you have more free time to spend with your spouse, your children, or your hobbies.

Make Sure You ONLY Work With a Coach Who Has a Proven Track Record in Their Own Business and Helping Others Succeed…

When I first started marketing online, I was the President of a small drug testing company. Tired of using traditional methods like cold calling, direct mail and networking to find prospects, I turned to the Internet.

In those early days, I quickly dominated our market on Google (in fact, our competitors thought we were outspending them 10 to 1 when, in reality, we were spending less than they were!).

I also discovered the power of the Internet, particularly Google AdWords, as the most phenomenal market research tool ever invented. Spending just $50 over the course of 1 week, I was able to uncover an untapped market for our business that soon became our largest source of revenue.

It didn’t take long for me to realize it was much more fun helping other business owners achieve similar success online than chasing drug users around.

So, ever since, I’ve been doing just that and working with business owners in a wide range of markets including local service providers, education, retail, manufacturing, biotech, e-commerce and others to grow their companies.

And for this work my company, Words That Click, has been named one of the Best Marketing Firms by St Louis Business Monthly 2 years in a row.


As good as my company is at managing marketing campaigns for people, I made a startling discovery a few years back that’s been a game changer.

I was challenged by a mentor to send an email to 10-15 people who know me best. In the email, I asked just 2 questions…

  1. What do you see as my Unique Capability?
  2. What do I naturally do better than most other people?

Here’s a sampling of the answers…

“From a professional perspective, you are exceptionally good at zeroing in on what a client needs and making sure what you propose benefits the client first.  You are honest and do not play games or throw around bulls@$! which makes you very likable.“ – T.R.

“You have a unique ability to tie connect the dots between technical tactics and big-picture strategy. Put another way, you always understand the why of what you’re doing, not just the what. In your field, especially, I think many people master the tactics and the tricks, but they don’t necessarily master the big picture. You have the great ability to connect those dots in ways most people can’t.

You’re a naturally good teacher and coach. This ties to the first question. Because you understand the big picture, you are able to explain not just what you recommend, but why. You are able to help people connect the dots. Of course, this starts with the capabilities I describe above. But it also requires great communication and interpersonal skills. There are other people who get it. But few are able to share their knowledge with others in the way you do.” – R.H.

“Your Unique Capability in my opinion is your ability to communicate.  I know these are separate questions but this is also something you do better than anyone else I know.

Whether written or verbal, presentation or one-on-one you have a way with words.  There are three main components at work here (IMHO)

  • Your professionalism – You are a true professional in all of your communications.  You know how to keep things interesting while never crossing the line. 
  • Your intelligence – You are able to synthesize and deliver information very effectively regardless of the topic.
  • Your listening skills – Perhaps more important than any of the other skills, you listen before you speak.  After you have taken in information, you are then able to form a thoughtful response.” – R.S.

As you can see, it was my communication skills…both written and oral…that dominated the responses.

And the cool thing is that, not only do those who know me best see that as my main Unique Capability, but it also happens to be what I enjoy doing most.  And I’ve done a lot of it over the years in different ways including…

  • Being a paid contributor to the highly acclaimed design and website optimization blog, The Daily Egg (started by the makers of Crazy Egg heatmapping software). I write 2 posts a month on topics including conversion, pay per click, local search, copywriting and tools to make your online marketing life easier.
  • Co-founding the Main Street Marketing Community…an organization dedicated to educating local business owners on how to leverage the Internet to grow their businesses.
  • Being the “Internet Marketing Expert” on The Rise To The Top, a TV show that aired on ABC.
  • Co-founding…an educational site for online marketers where we share our experiences in using the tools we use to manage campaigns for ourselves and our clients.
  • Being a contributor at Expers4Entreprenuers (e4e), an organization helping entrepreneurs grow their business faster and live more successful, productive lives.

Helping and educating people is where my heart is and what I do best. Whether it’s through writing, on TV or at live seminars, I thrive on using my knowledge of the Internet and direct response marketing to help others grow and improve their businesses.

In fact, at a recent e4e presentation I had just a 13 minute slot to talk about website conversion to a group of over 100 entrepreneurs. That’s quite a big topic to boil down into such a short time frame.

But, in the days following that presentation, the feedback I got was incredible. And I know of at least 2 attendees ( fellow experts at e4e) who completely redesigned their websites based on my talk.

And these were not marketing newbies either. One’s a sales coach (well versed in selling both online and offline) with over 30 years experience. The other is a best selling author and business coach, who charges a minimum of $10,000 per engagement, working with clients to help them charge a premium for their services (Hint: a lot of it comes down to how you market yourself!).

So if a 13 minute speech from the stage had that sort of impact on these seasoned entrepreneurs, think of what we can accomplish together with 1-on-1 personal coaching time each month!

Books and Information Products Are Great Learning Tools, But One-On-One Coaching Will Take You to The Next Step

I highly recommend you getting your hands on as many good training and information products as you can. In fact, I regularly spend thousands of dollars a year on books, CDs, DVDs, tools and seminars.

And yes, there are plenty of good books, training courses, websites, and seminars that can help you in your business. But they’re no replacement for a coach and mentor who works with you on your business personally.

You need business advice and help that applies to your unique situation and niche. You don’t just want one-size-fits-all marketing tools and plans. You want something designed especially for you…and you want someone you can ask questions of and personally talk to about improving your business results.

My only caution to you in this area is you make sure you deal with a business coach who has succeeded themselves first.

Why bring this up? Two reasons.

First, there are a large number of coaching programs out there being sold by “gurus” where the guru isn’t the one who does any of the coaching. It’s the old bait-and-switch.

You pay some fee (sometimes as high as $25,000 or more) thinking you’re dealing with the guru themselves, but they immediately hand you off to an “assistant” who’s really just a $10 an hour employee trained to “hold your hand” and read you lines out of the guru’s products.

Second, you have a second group of “business coaches” who have never had a successful business themselves. They’ve just paid to go to a five day business coaching seminar or training program and now they’re instantly business coaches qualified to help you do something you’ve already been doing for years.

When you join my coaching program, you contact me personally. You won’t deal with some apprentice coach and you won’t be dealing with someone “practicing” their business skills on you. You’ll have access to me and you’ll be given proven systems of success for your business.

You Have Two Options Of One-On-One Coaching/Mentoring With Me

The first option is “email only” coaching. You get my private email address and can send me email questions…and I’ll answer them within 24 hours Monday through Thursdays (I don’t work Friday through Sunday).

Email coaching is wonderful. Having an expert to answer your questions anytime is wonderful (I wish this was available when I was starting out).

You can send an email at midnight if you want…and I’ll answer it the next day.

Usually my detailed email replies to your questions will occur late morning/early afternoon when I check email around 11:30 AM CST. It may take up a couple of hours to reply to all my clients from the previous day and, on rare occasions, it could be later in the evening instead.

Want me to review your ad copy? No problem.

Need help with generating traffic? I’ll provide a solution.

Need someone to help with your overall marketing strategy? I’m here to provide direction.

That’s an email every day Monday through Thursday. I just ask two things:

  1. You be as specific as possible about the problem you’re facing so I can give you the best solution for your situation.
  2. Each email focuses on just one question/issue/critique.

Your emails will never be handed off to an employee or outsourced worker. I deal with them personally.

The cost of email only coaching is currently only $500 per month.

Would you like to also have the opportunity to get on the phone with me twice a month?

Some clients love the one-on-one interaction that phone coaching provides. I’ve had times where just one piece of advice during a conversation with a client changed their whole perspective and business direction. It’s amazing what you can achieve when you cut right to the heart of the situation…

With this option, you get two 60 minute coaching calls with me personally each month in addition to the email coaching. Normally we schedule these every other week to help you stay focused on the task at hand.

I also record these calls and will send them to as part of this coaching package. We use GoToMeeting so both the audio and video (if there is any) from the call is recorded. That way you don’t have to worry about furiously taking notes.

During the calls you can just focus on working through your most pressing business challenges and you can go back to the recording at your convenience and listen to the specific advice I gave on improving your copy, watch how I optimized part of your PPC campaign, etc.

The cost of email + phone coaching is currently $1,000 per month.

No Long-Term Contracts or
Committments Required

Obviously this program isn’t for everyone. You’ll notice I didn’t hide the price and make you call me on the phone to find out how much it costs. My experience has been that anyone who makes you do that is ashamed of their prices and intent on doing a very hard sales process where they keep bugging you to sign-up with them.

The costs shown above are very low cost for coaching when compared to other options available to you such as seminars. Most business seminars now cost $1,000 to $5,000 or more.

Plus you have the expense of airfare, hotel bills, and food. You’re talking a bare minimum of $2,000 just for attending a seminar…which ends up being mainly a series of sales pitches for speaker’s products and services.

In fact there are monthly teleconference calls and individual products that cost significantly more than the price of this one-on-one coaching support.

You can cancel your membership in this program at any time. You’re in control of this. Since I bill through Paypal (you can pay through your Paypal account, any major credit card, or online check), you just login to your account and cancel anytime you want.

I recommend you plan for at least several months of coaching when you sign-up, because success is rarely instant online. It takes some time and commitment. Only in this coaching program, you’re the one in control of the commitment….not me! If I don’t provide you with the advice you need to dramatically increase profits, you can cancel at anytime.

But as I said, this program isn’t for everyone. This program is for highly motivated people who want to see business growth and take their lives back. You want the financial freedom and lifestyle that comes from having a successful business which has been systematized.

(Please Note: This program is NOT for people who are dishonest or unethical in their business dealings. One of my goals in business is to operate with integrity in everything. I’m not perfect, just as I’m sure you’re not. But I only seek to do business with those who have this same type of commitment to really giving value to their customers/clients in everything they do.)

I Can Not Guarantee Your Success

I can’t guarantee your success, because I don’t know your background or your work ethic. If you join this program and don’t put in the effort, you won’t achieve the results you’re looking for. You’ll only grow your business if you apply what you learn and take advantage of everything I’m offering you here.

This program does not contain any guarantees on it other than the fact that I will make myself available to you. There are no refunds on this because I put a lot of time and effort into each of my clients.

If the coaching fees will leave you without enough money to spend on advertising, then we might be defeating ourselves before we get out of the gate.  Are you leaving yourself enough money to pay for advertising?

It’s tough going it alone … I know!  But with this private coaching program, you’ll be able to ask me anything you like.

Here’s how you can get started today.

  1. Make your first payment through PayPal using the link below. (You’ll be re-billed the same amount every 30 days and, again, can cancel anytime you want.)
  2. After making your payment, I’ll send you an email with my private coaching email address.
  3. If you selected email and phone coaching, I’ll also send you an email to set up a schedule for your twice monthly coaching calls.
  4. That’s all there is to it!

So whether it’s how to dramatically increase your conversion, make more money from an existing site, how to deal with quality score demons, debugging your sales funnel, optimizing your PPC account, where to buy traffic, and even some of the more mundane things like making time to get things done, you don’t have to feel alone anymore.

To Your Success-


Adam Kreitman

P.S. You get personal one-on-one time with me dedicated to building your business. You don’t get pawned off to anyone else. I’m here for you…to help you build the business you’re dreaming of.

P.P.S. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact my office…