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The 30 Day Challenge Starts Today

This post is just for those of you who are Do-It-Yourselfers and/or want to get a better understanding of the ins and outs of Internet Marketing.

Since 2005, one of the true gurus (and we don’t use that term lightly) when it comes to online marketing, Ed Dale, has been running the 30 Day Challenge.

The Challenge is a completely free, 30 day course that takes you through the steps of setting up and running an Internet marketing campaign. The goal is to simply make your first $1 online.

While the focus of The Challenge is not local, the tools and techniques covered can very easily be applied to marketing your local business on the Internet.

I’ve taken part in a number of past Challenges and have always learned a lot and had a ton of fun in the process. And the really cool thing, especially for busy local business owners, is that each day of The Challenge will only take you 30 minutes to complete from watching the training video to completing any actions required.

If you have 30 minutes a day to spare, like to do this sort of thing yourself and would like some top notch training (other than what you’ll find here of course!), I can’t recommend The Challenge highly enough!