Article Marketing Experts


Why Use Article Marketing?

 Article marketing is a highly effective tool to have in your Internet marketing arsenal. And one that most of your competitors are probably not aware of.

There are three main advantages to article marketing:

1. Quickly establish yourself as an expert in your field. Writing is one of the two best ways to establish your credentials as an expert (speaking being the other). Using article marketing, you can post original, quality articles that have your name on them to hundreds or thousands of web sites, newsletters and blogs.

2. Drive traffic to your website. When you have good quality articles with your name on them on hundreds or thousands of sites, you get noticed. And these articles will have a link to your website making it simple for people who want to know more about you to visit your site.

3. Search engine optimization. When done correctly, you can use article marketing to generate a ton of links to your website. The search engines like to see lots of links coming to your website and will generally reward sites with a lot of links with higher rankings.

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