An AdWords Ad That Stand Out From the Competition

While doing some research for an AdWords project for a client, I came across this ad when searching on Google for the keyword “wedding venues Chicago”…

Not making any political statements here (so please don’t leave any in the comments section).

I’m just holding this up as a great example of an ad that truly stands out from the competition. Ads like this have a much better chance of succeeding than the generic ads that try to appeal to everyone that most companies run in AdWords.

Being unique and standing out from the competition (in a way that meaningfully resonates with your target market) puts you at a big advantage when it comes to marketing your business.

Sure, the majority of people searching for wedding venues in Illinois won’t click on this ad. But if you want to plan a civil union in Illinois, this ad can’t help but jump off the page at you. I’m sure this venue dominates that market.

What this ad loses in overall traffic (ie. clicks), I’m sure it makes up for in a sky high clickthrough rate for its target audience and a conversion rate that trounces the competition.

And speaking of traffic and conversions, many business owners take a flawed approach in addressing those two things which kills the performance of their websites. It just so happens that critical difference is the topic of our next blog post.