The Local AdWords Blueprint

Attention Local Business Owners…

If you’ve been thinking about using Google AdWords or AdWords Express to grow your business (or you’re already using them with little to show in way of results), we’ve got a free, one-time limited offer for you.

We’ve just put the finishing touches on our new eBook, The Local AdWords Blueprint. It takes you by the hand and walks you step-by-step through how to set up an AdWords campaign for your local business…the right way!

We’ll be selling copies of this eBook (price has yet to be determined), but right now we’re making a limited number of review copies available for FREE.

AdWords is getting increasingly complicated to use. It’s at the point where business owners either have to hire a third party company to setup/manage things for them or, if they want to do it themselves, spend hours and hours wading through thick how-to books and videos.

The Blueprint was designed to cut to the essentials you need so you can easily set up a basic AdWords campaign to start driving quality leads to your website (it’s less than 70 pages long with lots of short paragraphs and screen capture images).

Among the topics covered in the step-by-step Local AdWords Blueprint are…

  • How to quickly set up a basic, but highly targeted AdWords campaign to reach hot prospects actively searching for you on Google
  • The ways to set up a campaign to ensure you don’t get whacked by Google’s “Stupidity Tax” and pay for traffic that has no chance of resulting in business
  • The secrets to identifying the best keywords for your business and the trick to adding them to your campaign so Google doesn’t send you junk traffic
  • How to avoid the common rookie mistakes that doom new AdWords campaigns
  • 4 strategies for making AdWords work with a small budget

Why are we giving away a limited number of review copies for free?

It’s simple…because we want feedback from local business owners to see how we can make it even better.

While we think the Blueprint is really good, we’re biased. The real test comes from getting it in front of those who aren’t AdWords experts and see what they think.

So we’re making just 10 review copies available to business owners interested in getting it for free and giving us their feedback. If you’re interested in being one of these 10 business owners, you have to agree to the following:

  1. You will not share the book with anyone…it’s for your eyes only.
  2. You will review the book within 30 days of getting your copy and provide us feedback on what you thought, ways the book can be improved, etc.

If you can stick to those two rules and want your free review copy, please send me an email and (as long as 10 others haven’t requested it already) I’ll send you your copy.