AdWords Optimization Review for Higher Spend Accounts

Spending More Than $3K per Month on AdWords?


Our Experts Guarantee This Optimization Review Will Pay for Itself Within 3 Months or Your Money Back!


Dear AdWords advertiser-

We know a little something about you. The fact that you’re on this page says you know your AdWords account isn’t up to snuff and you need help.

Whether you’ve been managing it yourself or have someone helping you…the bottom line is you’ve got the sneaking suspicion that every day you’re throwing money away in AdWords (or not making as much as your should with it).

During our first meeting with Adam from Words That Click, I realized … if we had met Adam two years earlier I can’t imagine the time and money we could have saved (not to mention likely increase in profits!) in AdWords. I’m glad that we have him working with us now!
Megan Shubirg

You’re just not quite sure how to fix things or what to focus on with the limited time you have to spend on the account. Do you…

  • Adjust bid prices
  • Add more keywords
  • Separate keywords into more tightly controlled ad groups
  • Update ad copy
  • Change your landing page
  • Add more negative keywords
  • Adjust some of your campaign settings
  • Focus more/less on the Display Network
  • Give Remarketing a try

And Google’s not making things any easier for you. Just recently they’ve made significant changes to how they handle match types, ad rotation, and geo-targeting which can all potentially impact your campaign’s performance (and not necessarily for the better).

Staying on top of all this is challenging enough for those of us who are in AdWords every day. And for a business owner who’s got an overflowing plate of other pressing matters to deal with, it’s darn near impossible.

Get Your Account and Website Reviewed by 2 Top Experts

Because of these challenges, we’ve created an AdWords Optimization Review for advertisers spending more than $3K per month (if you’re spending less than $3K a month, we have another AdWords optimization option for you that also comes with a guarantee).

Your account will be reviewed by 2 top AdWords experts. Both are Google AdWords Qualified Individuals, yet each brings a unique set of expertise to the table.

One expert is a Top Contributor on the Google AdWords forum and is an analytical machine that’ll dig into the numbers of your account to expose where the biggest money leaks are and what areas offer the biggest opportunities for improvement.

The other is a direct response marketing/copywriting expert who’ll dig into your website, landing pages and ad copy to provide specific suggestions on how to strengthen your overall messaging and offer(s).

For this comprehensive review we…

  • Run keyword reports
  • Run search term reports
  • Run ad reports
  • Analyze Analytics data (if available)
  • Run all the above across different time frames to analyze performance data
  • Review your website and landing pages
  • Provide a written report detailing specific suggestions on what to change and what to watch for in the future
  • Answer follow up questions by email for 14 days after the report is delivered (because when you see the dramatic changes in your account performance, you’ll probably needs some additional guidance!)
  • Offer a 30 minute follow up conversation providing even further guidance.

The fee for our AdWords Optimization Review for High Spend accounts is $1500, and it’s guaranteed.

If you implement the top 3 suggestions detailed in our written report and don’t either see a savings in your ad spend and/or increased sales that cover the cost of the Review within 3 months, we’ll give you your money back.

It’s that simple.

AdWords is an amazingly powerful, yet extremely complicated tool. No matter how sharp you are in managing your campaigns, there are going to be holes where you’re losing money.

Our guaranteed AdWords Optimization Review puts your account under the microscope of 2 experts to help you identify and plug those gaps.

To schedule your Review or find out more, either fill out the form below or call 314-329-1422.