About Us

The Link Between Drug Testing
and Online Marketing

Words That Click got its start because of drug testing...but it's probably not in the way you think.

A few years back I was president of a small, struggling drug testing company.

We needed more business but the thought of making cold calls, knocking on doors or spending a small fortune on Yellow Pages and print ads was a vile thought.

So I had to come up with another way to get qualified, motivated prospects in the door.

And it didn't take long before I discovered one...

... Google Adwords - a fairly new (at that time) online advertising program.

AdWords proved to be more than just a great way to drive highly qualified leads to our company website.

It was the best market research tool I'd ever come across as well (and having worked in market research I've seen them all).

Using AdWords, I discovered a whole new market for the drug testing company that was bigger than the ones we had traditionally been in.

At that point the light bulbs over my head didn't just go off - they started exploding.

I was hooked (on online marketing, not drugs)!

Through discussions with other small business owners, I realized how few of them grasped how to use AdWords and other online marketing tools to increase sales. So I started giving them advice and helping them with their online marketing campaigns.

Quickly I realized that it was a heck of a lot more fun to help business owners leverage the Internet to grow their businesses than it was to chase drug users around.

So I left the world of drug testing and founded Words That Click in 2007.

Besides being able to earn a living by combining two things I'm passionate about - online marketing and helping small business owners - founding Words That Click has led to some interesting experiences including...

But enough about me, I'd like to know how I can help YOU!

Let me know by sending me an email or calling me at 314-329-1422

Adam Kreitman