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"They Wanna Do What?!  9 Shady Ad Agency Tactics That Raise More Red Flags Than a Communist Color Guard (And How To Protect Your Biz From Them)”

Want your marketing to produce a predictable and profitable flow of leads and clients? One of the keys to doing that is avoiding the marketing charlatans and their ineffective tactics. In this FREE guide you’ll learn from the mistakes of others and discover how to…


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    Crave a Calendar Full of Qualified Prospects
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    Long to Make Your Business More Visible on Google and Other Search Engines
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    Shudder at the Thought of Prospecting and Would Rather Have Customers Find You
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    Seek Clarity and Focus for Your Marketing Efforts
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    Hate Traditional Ad Agency Crap -- High Fees, Little Transparency and Lousy Results
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    Grow Dizzy Juggling All You Do and Can't Find the Time to Focus on Growing Your Business


Marketing Advocate™

As a Marketing Advocate we act as an unbiased and independent 3rd party that collaborates with you to bring clarity and focus to your marketing efforts. We put your company’s best interests first and work with you to identify the strategies, tactics, messaging, etc. that will generate a consistent flow of new leads and clients for your business. Click here to learn more about how our Marketing Advocate Program works.

Lead Gen

What happens when you combine LinkedIn with Email Marketing Automation? Well, what happens is the closest thing to a magic bullet for marketing we’ve found. This program is an incredibly quick and effective way to fill your calendar with appointments and engage in conversations with both potential clients and referral partners. And surprisingly, even though it involves LinkedIn, we’re finding it works for those in B2C markets as well as B2B. To get more info on this program,  contact us by using the form on this page and put “Fill My Calendar” in the “How Can We Help?” box.

Pay Per Click

For over 10 years, we’ve been working with local service businesses like attorneys, dentists, roofers and others to quickly generate more leads using Google AdWords, Google’s phenomenal Pay-Per-Click advertising platform. We use strategies and tactics most PPC management firms don’t to make sure the money you invest into PPC comes back to you… and then some! Learn more about our unique, ROI-focused PPC services by clicking here.


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