Video Interview: Powerful Brand New AdWords Feature & More

by Adam Kreitman

A few weeks ago, I was interviewed for a show, BuildaTribe Live, by my friend Mason Duchatschek of He grilled me on the ins and outs of Google AdWords for a little over 20 minutes. In that time, we cover a lot including:

  • What makes AdWords unique from every other form of marketing out there
  • The power of remarketing and the NEW mind-blowing feature that takes it to another level
  • Situations where AdWords may not be a good fit (and a trick on how you could overcome this)
  • The 3 main mistakes people make in their AdWords campaigns
  • Why it’s critical to understand the differences between the Search and Display Networks
  • Whether or not AdWords has become too complex for a business owner to manage a campaign on their own
  • The simple 5 step system for evaluating landing pages from a conversion standpoint

Here’s the interview:


If you’re not up for watching the whole video and just want to find out about the brand new AdWords feature, I’m not gonna hold out on you. Here’s the deal:

Up until a few months ago, remarketing was only done on the Display Network.

The way this basically works is someone visits your site, a cookie is placed on their computer and when they visit other websites in Google’s Display Network (a network of websites that display Google ads), you can show your ads to them.

But now Google has unleashed Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSAs). This lets you create an audience of people who have visited your site and target them – on Google itself – if they do more searches after leaving your site. Here are a few ways you could use this:

  • In your existing campaigns, add an audience of people who have visited your website and set higher bids for that audience. So, let’s say for someone who’s never been to your site before, you’re willing to pay $1.00 per click when they do a relevant search on Google. But people who have already been to your website know who you are and it may be worth more to you to get them back on your site again. What RLSAs let you do is adjust your bids for that audience. You can increase your bids by 25% or 50% or whatever percentage you want, just for people who have already been to your site. That way, you can make sure your ad is front and center, reminding past visitors about your company and enticing them to come back to your site.
  • You can even create a separate Search campaign that just targets people who have already been to your website. In your “regular” campaigns, it’s likely you’re focusing on very specific keywords and using a lot of Exact match keywords. But if you’re targeting people who’ve already been to your site, you may not want to be so limited. For that audience, it may make sense to use more Phrase and even Broad match keywords so past visitors to your site will see your ads for any relevant search query they type into Google.

In early testing, we’re finding RLSAs may not drive tons of traffic, but they are producing incremental conversions at a lower cost/conversion than “regular” Search campaigns. It’s a powerful new feature definitely worth testing in your AdWords account.


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