Great Marketing Lesson From the Back of a Van

by Adam Kreitman

This van from a local HVAC company pulled out in front of me the other day…


Last week I wrote about the “Howard Stern Effect” and why you don’t want to try to appeal to everyone…

…Because when you try to appeal to everyone, you end up not appealing to anyone.

This HVAC company could be chasing any customers they can get like all the other HVAC companies out there, but they’re not. With just 5 words, they’ve developed a Unique Selling Proposition that demonstrates how they’re different from the competition and one that clearly resonates with their target audience…

“We specialize in older homes”

On their website, they go into a little more detail about why they specialize in older homes…

“We specialize in older homes because we got our start working with boiler systems and retrofitted them with ductwork, central air conditioning and furnaces. “

That sentence helps establish their credibility and gives their prospects a reason why they have this specialty (giving a “reason why” to prospects is a very important marketing concept, by the way).

(Quick side note…in just the 30 seconds I was on their website I discovered that whoever did their SEO used at least one very shady (also knows as “Black Hat”) SEO strategy so I’m not going to link to the site. Using that strategy is probably hurting their search engine rankings.)

In any case, this is a great example of a Unique Selling Proposition that a lot of businesses would do well to follow. If you’re looking for a local HVAC company to do work in your older home, wouldn’t you give extra consideration to the company that specializes in older homes?

I sure would.

And I have proof that it works…

When this van pulled out in front of me, it came out of the driveway of…a very old home!

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