How Local Service Businesses Can Succeed With SEO & PPC… Even If They’ve Failed In The Past

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As a small business owner, you’re likely getting at least a dozen calls/emails a week from people wanting to do your online marketing. So here’s the BIG question…

How is Words That Click different?

Here’s how:

Internet Marketing Solutions Our sole focus is, and has always been, online marketing. We’re not a web design firm, advertising agency or media conglomerate that added online marketing to our bag of tricks. We know what our core strengths are and stick to them.

Internet Marketing Solutions Proven 8 year track record in the business (when it comes to the world of online marketing, 8 years makes us ancient!).

Internet Marketing Solutions Honored as one of the “Best Marketing Firms” by business owners in St. Louis Small Business Monthly for the past 4 years (we’re 1 of a handful of solely online-focused marketing firms to make the list!).

Internet Marketing Solutions We return your calls/emails (And not just when you’re a prospect and we’re trying to win your business. In fact, when you’re a client we’ll get back to you even faster!).

Internet Marketing Solutions Your business is not too small for us. While we don’t work for free, we do have a number of affordable options to help businesses, no matter how small, improve their online presence. Consulting rates start at just $100 for half an hour.

Internet Marketing Solutions If we’re not a good fit, we’ll tell you – Maybe your website needs work before you worry about sending traffic to it. Maybe online isn’t the best option for reaching your prospects. Maybe we’re already doing work for a competitor’s business (ethically we feel we can only work with one company per industry/city). Our #1 concern is that our prospects/clients do what’s in their business’ best interests. And, if for some reason, that means not using us, so be it.

Internet Marketing Solutions We want our clients involved in the work we do. We know online marketing. You know your business. Only by regular communication and combining your knowledge with ours will we get a truly effective online marketing campaign.

Words That Click offers a range of services aimed at helping our clients generate leads and sales online including:

If it sounds like we’re a company that can help you achieve your online marketing goals, the next step is to set up a time to talk. To do this, simply email or call Adam directly at 314-329-1422.